The joy of being at the peak.
Hours of climbing, slow and concentrate movements, hands that can feel the contact with the stone, slow ascent up to the peak and finally being at the top of the mountain with the light blue of the sky.
And after, the time stops, tension disappears and an extremely joy satisfied every exertion or sweat. That are simply the most beautiful emotions that a person, who love this activity, wants to prove in his entire life. Climbing these granite mountains of Val Masino and Val Bregaglia is such an incredible experience. It is something Priceless.

Valtellina represents a great lack of land with a lot of opportunities to do these sport activities, but Val Masino it is like a natural gym in this field. Our proposals are aimed at those who intend to challenging approach the mountain and learn the right climbing techniques. There are some practice lessons organized at the gym and some easy way to climb outside. If you want to do some climbing at high heights you could do it with the help of a Guided tours, with partner of great experience.

The mountains were climbed by a lot of local people over the years, indeed hunters and peasants that used them to take the fodder of cattle, but a lot of young strong people started to bring not-local people up to the mountain so it became something popular and something that allowed starting earn money. Moreover, CAI named deep mountain experts, who used to climb mountains every day, alpine guides.

Val Masino got in the alpinism legend with a lot of important ascensions that are known as “Le vie classiche” of the modern alpinism. There’s always have been a great offer in terms path, trail and pass, indeed all these itinerary are for all that people who want to prove that emotions in climbing and in admiring lots of panoramic views from this beautiful environment that are remained intact over the years

There are a lot of trail that allows you to reach some peaks like Pizzo Cengalo or Pizzo Badile in Val Porcellizzo or Cima Castello in Valle Zocca or maybe on the Disgrazia.
A place featured by amazing ascensions with 400 metres difference in height and a great number of refuges that allow you to live a beautiful trip.
Also is possible to face up with the mountains of Val Bregaglia on the Switzerland side, from the beautiful nord-est wall of Pizzo Badile with 800 metres in height that have remained untouched until the 1937, when it was conquered by Riccardo Cassina from Lecco.


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