Associazioni Operatori Val Masino is composed by entrepreneurs, which work most of all in the tourist sector.
There are different categories that are participating in, like: hotel managers,merchants, freelancer professional and associations.The most important key is the participation of several associations and institutions, which work really hard in Val Masino, indeed, there’s always been a great collaboration with Val Masino’s municipality, Pro Loco ValMasino, Associazione Kima, C.S.I. Val Masino, Gruppo Alpini, Protezione Civile, Consorzio Beni Frazionali Cataeggio and Consorzio Beni Frazionali San Martino over the years.
Mainly, the all work done by the association is concerning the protection of the natural environment, the events’ organisation and lands’ promotion, with the specific purpose to improve and to get more rich the valley’s life in order to make more happy the citizens and the tourists.

Currently, the Directors of the Association is composed of:

Giacomo Sertori – President
Donatella Porta – Vice President
Fiorelli Sara – Executive
Adriano Scetti – Executive
Iris Gherbesi – Executive
Laura Della Mina – Executive
Mario Vannuccini – Executive
Barola Camillo– Executive


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Operators association Val Masino
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