Great stories and other fantastic legends loom over this wide valley. Many stories tells about a bogeyman that came here in the valley from the hell to serve a sentence, but also about some witches, that were extremely bad against the next one.

An other legend tells about people who used to stay up to the peak of the mountains to look around and find some animals. One of the most important legends ever is that about Corni Bruciati which are been set in a wrong way many times on the mountain of Disgrazia.

The inspiration descends from the rocks colour, which is a sort of red. That rocks called Corni Bruciati invades the path of Preda Rossa. The story talks about two brothers, Scermendone and Arcanzo, that they were spending the summer in mountain pastures with their herds. The first one was noble-minded and friendly even with the cattle and the second one was rough and rude. One day a pilgrim came there asking refreshment, but Arcanzo drove him so bad. Fortunately, Scermendone, which was a better man, brought some polenta and milk to the poor man. After has been thanked himself with Scermendone, he told him that was coming a storm and then he suggested him to take the herd and leaves the mountain without turning back ever. After a while, Scermendone decides to come down the mountain, instead of Arcanzo that decides to remain there. He had just started, when behind him, blown up a violent storm and worried about his brother, Scermendone decides to turn off and suddenly remained blinded.

So, he settles to start begging the wayfarer, telling him how was worried about his brother and he excuses itself with him for not being faithful. However the poor wayfarer understood the brotherly love, so he decided to bring Scermendone to a Hot water source in order to wash his face. After that, Scermendone returned to see again, but the wayfarer was vanished, so he realized that something wonder was just happened and he started to thanks god for all. Arcanzo.


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