Parco boulder (NEW)

Parco boulder
Lombardy has always had a vocation regarding several sport events. However, Val Masino and Val di Mello, represents the greatest spots thanks to the environmental overview. Few kilometres contain an enormous diversity between landscape and environment that makes this place outstanding, and allowed it to grow every year in terms of tourism.

Surrounded by a huge mountains district, this valley has always attracted big groups of climbers from all over the world. Every year a lot of professional climbers come here to test themselves on the rocks. Sasso Remenno, the Europe’s biggest monolith, has always been seen it as a natural gym for every people who want to getting touch with the rocks. In addiction, there are also a lot of boulders around the valley, which allows every climber to visit all the valleys in order to discover new wild places to climb a rock. More than 200 itineraries have been created over the years and each of these go from a fourth level to a eleventh level of complexity. .

That levels allows every kind of climber to approach the rocks, from the beginner to the professional climber. Besides the areas of Val di Mello there are also others different parts where is allowed to climb and these are in Val Masino from the Sasso Remenno until the village of San Martino and going on in Lombardy’s forest near the thermal bath of Masino and in Visido’s area.

A truly prove that the climbers movement is every year such an important source for the entire valley is Melloblocco, which represents the largest international bouldering meeting in the entire world. This event, which is well organized every year, was born in 2004 and has always continued and raised up, with great outcome, its growth.


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