Preda Rossa

Valmasino online preda rossa

The valley of Preda Rossa, dominated by the huge Disgrazia’s mountain, constitutes one of the most beautiful spot in the central Alps. Leaving behind the Preda Rossa alp, you will find yourself in front of this grassy flat plateau, thus interrupting the bitter shades and steep of mountains.

Regarding many years ago, the plain was a lake crossed by lateral landslides. Over the years, due to the faint loam that is transported from the Preda Rossa Glacier River, the natural hollow was filled up and developed at the same time what is now. The landscape is also completed by the different nature of the rocks that surrounded the entire plain.

We have the greys on the left, the typical smooth plates of Val Masino, instead of on the right you can see the beautiful Serpentino blocks which have a red color. Due to landscaping and natural importance of this beautiful place, in 2005, the plain of Preda Rossa has been registered in SIC also known as (Siti d’importanza Comunitaria).


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