Val di Mello

Val di Mello
The Val di Mello’s walks represent one of the most important tourist attractions in the all valley.
Val Masino is known its various sport activities that every year brings huge tourist flows from all over the world.
Local tourists and not, stay here a lot of time, especially in the hot months in Val di Mello every year.
They love to spend their time here, relaxing ourselves in beautiful and peaceful place surrounded by the green mountains, outstanding mountain creeks with light blue water and the cleanest air, which only this place could offer.

The ideal mix for making an holidays or just for spend few moments of relax during the day.
Casera di Pioda, it surely on of the most beautiful excursions that people can do.
Leave behind the small village of San Martino, you continue straight on until the parking area at 1030m where the trail becomes a comfortable mule track that winds through the valley between larch and clearing.

Here you can see and feel the perfect union between nature and the ancient man’s hand that lots of years ago has produced its changes.
Overstepped the place called Cà Rogni, you are going to admire beautiful waterhole featured by a light blue water.
At an altitude of 1092m, you can find the big lawn of Cascina Piana, surrounded by the Disgrazia’s mountain, you will allow you to stop in one of the two refuges located on the mountain side.

Along the path, leave behind the Allievi’s refuge, you will find yourself at Rasica, the last fallow of the valley. Left on the left the Val Torrone and after a small bridge, you will enter for the last time in a trick forest and at the end of this you will find the Casera di Pioda at 1559m surrounded by a huge and amazing amphitheatre of walls.


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