Aplinism history

The Masino-Bregaglia group has always been something important for the entire valley over the years in terms of alpinism activities. The first climbers were English. The highest and the most important mountain is called Disgrazia and his height is about 3678 m that is been climbed by Kennedy, Stephen and Cox the 24th august in 1862, when all the movement started.

Moreover, other several peaks, has been climbed in that period as the Cima Castello and Pizzo Cengalo. However, just few years later the mountaintop of Pizzo Badile has been reached precisely in the 1867. In the 1881, Cernuschi and Baroni, reached for the first time the Corni Bruciati and the west-peak of Pizzo Torrone. Over the years, a lot of alpine guides have become famous for what they shared with this valley. Lurani was one of them and is remembered for its perfect precise and reliable land survey that has been done when he worked, and also, was printed in 1882 as a public guide entitled Le Montagne di Val Masino.

Also Klucker was one of the most important guides and he reached in 1882 the east peak of Pizzo Torrone, the Cima Cantone in 1891 and so on.

The climb level has always been high, but in the following years this level has been improved a lot by many climbers that came here for all over the world. In 1959 the “exploration section” finished and from that date to now, it tried to improve and make harder the existing routes.


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